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Customers are King
At Innovection Solutions, we believe that our company success is directly related to the success and satisfaction of our customers. If our customers have an exceptional experience they will tell their friends and / or associates. So, the most effective way to drive Innovection growth and success is to do the same for our customers. That's why we focus on not only delivering innovative and reliable solutions but also educating our clients along the way. We truly believe that this is a key to understanding and an exceptional experience

Our Pledge to our Customers:

We will deliver innovative, high quality and reliable solutions to our clients at an affordable price. We will stand behind our solutions both before and after the solution is implemented.

Customer Testimonials:

"I am very satisfied with the professional job performed by innovection. They were available at my convenience, they were polite and knowledgeable. I had tried to hook my network system up myself, but to no avail. I'm glad I called the pros at Innovection to do the job right!"

    R. Kalinowsky
    Novi, MI

"As my kids approach middle school and high school, the need for multiple PC's in the house with Internet access becomes more and more important. Schools are now relying on the Internet as a "required" tool for teaching and research in most subjects. I needed to get my home network established, but didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on an electrician to connect each room in the house to my cable modem. That's why I called the pros at Innovection. They were able to provide me with a secure wireless home network without dealing with the expense of an electrician. Their service and knowledge of wireless technology is second to none. Now my kids are able to access the Internet at the same time to do their homework without having to wait for each other, and I can log-on to my laptop to work from home instead of going to the office on the weekend. I strongly recommend Innovection to anyone who needs a home network."

    R. Fenster
    Bloomfield Hills, MI

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