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Wireless and Wired Networks
There are 2 basic options involving computer networks. The traditional method is called a wired network. This is the safest and most reliable method and is accomplished by running network cable (there are options on the type of cable) to connect the computers and peripherals. This method is preferred when constructing a new building or remodeling because the walls are exposed and cable can be run easily. To retrofit an existing building with a wired Ethernet computer network is, more often than not, a costly and time consuming endeavor because it may require the removal and replacement of drywall.

Because of this, wireless networks have gained significant popularity, and in fact are typically the recommendation for installing in an existing building. The system communicates via signals called 802.11b or WiFi (there are others but none as proven and supported) that travel through the air between the computers, peripherals and networking equipment. While wireless networks will never be as secure as wired networks, there are plenty of security options available. These options can be configured by a trained technician, which is recommended instead of simply accepting the default security settings. This is extremely important for businesses where the threat of hacking is constant and may result in critical loss of data and potential legal action.

In fact, both wireless and wired network systems must be installed and configured properly to provide for efficient, reliable and secure use.


Innovection solutions can design and install a computer network based on your preferences. We'll help you determine whether wired or wireless is the best option for you. Our technicians will also educate you along the way, and most importantly, will insure that the proper security is configured into your business network. Prices are based on the networking equipment, the number of computers and peripherals to connect and the size of the office. Contact us today for a price quote.
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