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Today, the idea of viewing and listening to what you want, where you want is a reality. Imagine your 13 year old daughter in her bedroom listening to her favorite music with her friends while your 6 year son old watches his favorite Disney DVD movie with a friend. Dad is in the den watching his favorite sports team win again and you are sitting on your deck relaxing, listening to your favorite classical music while surfing the internet and periodically checking the video of your 6 month old sleeping quietly in her crib, all controlled by your laptop. Imagine all of this distributed from a single media center using wired, wireless and infrared control. A sampling of automated audio/video ideas are listed below, but the possibilities are endless. Contact the experts at Innovection today to explore your future.


  • Watch a different video from each room all emulating from a central media center.

  • Monitor your cottage with indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras.

  • View your home from any PC over the Internet or phone lines.

  • Install a camera at your door to see who’s knocking.

  • Send wireless TV, VCR and video surveillance signals.

  • Watch different parts of the house, like the pool area or nursery modulated into preset stations of your TV.


  • In-wall or ceiling speakers in every room, each connected to your single stereo system.

  • Control speaker volume in each room individually with in-wall controls, or all at the same time.

  • Make outdoor entertainment fun with outdoor speakers that blend into your landscape.

  • End blaring TV commercials with sound regulators.

  • Automatically mute speakers when phone rings or door bell chimes.
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