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While we’ve touched on a number of the solutions, in other pages of our web site, that are common in many of our home automation installations, we really have only scratched the surface. As continue to say….the possibilities are endless. A sampling of additional automation ideas are listed below. Contact the experts at Innovection today to explore your future.

Other Automation Solutions:

  • Control your pool and spa functions from inside the house.

  • Control your sprinkler system from inside your house, where you want or automate them based on the weather.

  • Open and close drapes based on time of day, sunset/sunrise or integrate into a lighting scene.

  • Tilt your blinds by remote control.

  • Protect your entire house with whole house surge suppressors.

  • Install an automated home generator system that detects power outages and automatically switches from utility to generator power….and back when power is restored.

  • Feed your pets automatically.

  • Turn on house lights or scenes from your key chain remote.
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