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You’ll get peace of mind knowing that your family is protected with a security and alert system. Security systems may be simple, or totally integrated into your home automation plan. Security systems include control panels, keypads, sensors, sirens, locks, lights, monitoring, access control and more. A sampling of automated Security and Alert ideas are listed below, but the possibilities are endless. Contact the experts at Innovection today to explore your future.


  • Use motion and glass break sensors to announce intruders and/or automatically call your security proivider.

  • Monitor your home with indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, modulated to preset channels of your TV. Check these from any TV or networked computer.

  • Control your locks by remote control.

  • Sirens scare away intruders, and notify neighbors and authorities of burglary or fire.

  • Protect your family and home from fire with advanced smoke detectors that talk to your automation system.


  • Hear a chime sound when a car pulls up in your driveway.

  • Be alerted and keep wild animals and stray pets out of your yard.
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