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Imagine laying in bed at night when the thought strikes you that you think you might have left a light on downstairs or the garage door open. The normal reaction would be to get up, trek downstairs and check. But what if you could simply press the “goodnight” scene on the wall next to your bed or on your night stand and be assured that the lights were off and the garage door closed. Now imagine inviting some friends over for a movie on your new home theater system. You press the “movie” scene on the wall and all the lights leading to your home theater room illuminate, the lights in the room dim, and the media center comes to life, ready and waiting for you and your friends. A sampling of automated lighting ideas are listed below, but the possibilities are endless. Contact the experts at Innovection today to explore your future.

Computer Integrated Interior and Exterior Lighting

  • Turn lights On/Off, and Dim or Brighten them from anywhere, inside or outside your home, without running any new wires!

  • Program indoor and outdoor lights to turn On and Off according to a schedule or event.

  • Program entire lighting scenes with one button push. For example, your keychain remote control initiates your At Home security mode and lighting scene, so you never again drive up to a dark home. Your Home Theater scene might Dim the lights, close the drapes, turn On all desired entertainment components and start the popcorn maker!

  • Control your lights and appliances with light sensors. If it gets dark, lights turn On and then Off again a few hours later. When it gets light, automatically turn On your coffee pot and hair curlers.

Motion Activated Lighting

  • Turn outdoor or indoor lights On when someone approaches.

  • Occupancy Sensors provide automatic ON/OFF switching of lighting loads for enhance convenience, security and long-term energy savings.
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