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Imagine getting ready to head out to your cottage for the weekend. Its January and the heat at your cottage is set at 40, just warm enough to keep the pipes from freezing. Now imagine making a phone call or using your computer to adjust the temperature so when you arrive you walk into a comfortable 72 environment. Or similarly, imagine starting home from a weeks vacation in Hawaii. Before you left you turned the heat down to 65. You make a call and arrive again to a comfortable 72 environment. to A sampling of automated HVAC and environmental control ideas are listed below, but the possibilities are endless. Contact the experts at Innovection today to explore your future.


  • Thermostats control everything from comfort to cost by a home automation system, by remote control and manually. Set your thermostats by occupancy or on a time schedule, enjoy multi-zone control, control from a distance and more.

  • Set up multi-zone heating and cooling systems and control the zones from a phone, computer or manually, with a single HVAC system.


  • Everyone is interested in the weather and now you (and your home automation system) will know what the weather is doing with your complete weather station at home.

  • Receive a cell phone call when the temperature in your cottage falls below 32.

  • View the outdoor temperature on your thermostat.

HAI Automated Thermostat

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