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Computers are increasingly becoming an integrated component of everyday life. As computers deliver more and more capability and capacity, leveraging this power to simplify and enhance our lives has become a reality. Through web and PC-based software you can control your home anywhere and anytime. By networking all of your computers together you can take advantage of a single high speed access connection and manage your computer environment much more effectively. However, as technology advances, it also becomes more complex to set up and manage. Should you install a wireless or wired computer network? How do you insure security? What about viruses? How to insure backups of critical data? These are just some of the questions an Innovection expert can help answer. A sampling of our Computer Control and Networking solutions are listed below, but the possibilities are endless. Contact the experts at Innovection today to explore your future.

Computer Networking

  • Share a single high-speed access connection (cable modem, DSL or satellite).

  • Share printers and files with multiple computers.

  • Play interactive video games together from multiple computers.

  • Install a wired and/or wireless personal network.

Automation Software

  • Innovection provides both web-based and PC-based computer software solutions for controlling your home environment.

  • HomeSeer Software provides for excellent control of X10 home automated systems.

  • For more complex environments we employ and install HAIís PC Access or Weblink II.

Computer Management

  • Backup solutions for your sensitive and critical data.

  • Virus eradication of infected computers.

  • Software upgrades to the latest windows operating system.
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