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Wire management systems connect your entire security, entertainment, information, communications and home automation systems to one central location. Also known as “connected home,” wire management systems include a control panel, high-quality wire and multi-use outlets. These days, the automation (low-voltage) wiring solution for your new or existing home is as important as the electrical or plumbing. Selecting the right type of wire is important (we recommend structured wiring and Category 5e), but just as important is the design of the wiring configuration and the actual pulling of the cable. Pulling to hard on the cable or kinking the cable can cause damage and reduce throughput. Detailed documentation is critical. In many ways, this is the most important part of automating a home, because it is the least flexible when complete. A sampling of wiring solutions are listed below, but again, the possibilities are endless. Contact the experts at Innovection today to explore your future.

Wiring Solutions

  • Structured wire including two category 5e cables and two RG6 cables is the recommended alternative. This will provide for both phone and data as well as two video ports and provide flexibility for future reconfiguration of the room and the equipment.

  • Fiber optic cable provides for greater throughput and speed to meet long term growth but is also more fragile and expensive to work with.

  • Audio wiring for whole house audio and media rooms.

  • Single home run wiring for cable (RG6), phone and data (category 5e).
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