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The phone requirements for the average family are much different today than they were 10 years ago. Multiple phone lines, fax lines, home office lines, etc. have complicated the home telephone environment. What’s required now is a complete communications system that can grow with you as your family grows and your needs change. A system that allows you to reconfigure what phone/data lines are distributed to what rooms without calling in a telephone technician. A sampling of automated Phone and Intercom ideas are listed below, but the possibilities are endless. Contact the experts at Innovection today to explore your future.

Phone Systems

  • Transform your regular phone into a high-tech telecommunications system for your home.

  • Add personal extensions to your phone with advanced phones or phone distribution panels.

  • Create a phone communications system that is flexible to meet your changing needs without calling in an expert.

  • Answer the door from any of your telephones, including cellular phones.

  • Install an intercom system, or use your phone.

  • Know who’s on the phone with Caller ID on your TV

Intercom Systems

  • View and speak to who’s at the door with an integrated video/audio intercom.

  • Deliver automated messages through your intercom system like “dinner time” and “bed time”.
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